Switchboard uses Promoto Media video

Switchboard Inc, hired Promoto Media during the month of May of 2017 to acquire, edit and produce a video dedicated for use on their homepage as a background banner video. This was filmed in conjunction with a project with one of their customers, Centurion Trucking.

One Saturday morning in May 2017, members from Switchboard Inc and Promoto Media came together with Centurion Trucking to film video to be used by Switchboard Inc and Centurion Trucking for their website and online promotional uses across various social media channels. Three Centurion trucks and their drivers were organized to travel around the Greater Vancouver area while an extensive film crew involving two hand held cameras, a glidecam mounted camera, a gimbal mounted camera and a drone mounted camera were utilized to film the trucks and their drivers.

Promoto Media’s duty was to focus on Switchboard’s product and service line of Electronic Logging Devices that are sold to commercial trucking companies in Canada and the USA. We rode along with one of the Centurion drivers to capture the moments of the driver using such a device. By combining some video from the drone, short takes of the driver’s activity and some B-roll footage, we were able to put together sixteen seconds of film that produced their current beautiful background video.

You can view the original on the website of Switchboard Inc. Or you can preview it in the video below (disclaimer: it is lower quality to improve loading speeds). We are happy with the results, we hope that you will enjoy it too!

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