Cloud9 Solutions website is live!

Back in September of 2017, Promoto Media was contracted by Cloud9 Solutions to develop and host a new website for them based on the WordPress website platform. From our services offered it would require designing, photography, videography, development, hosting and maintenance.

Cloud9 Solutions uses Promoto Media videography on their home page.

It would also need to meet industry standards in design, search engine optimization, development and hosting. Last, it would need to be viewable to a wide audience, from computer to tablet to mobile on multiple browsers across a multitude of devices.

Cloud9 Solutions uses Promoto Media photography on their about page.

As of February 21, 2018 we are happy to announce the completed website that rolled out back at the end of January of this year. We have kept to all the promises made and have supplied them with a polished product with modern design features and conveniences.

Cloud9 Solutions hires Promoto Media to create a Blog page for use on their website.

Included is an easy to navigate website, all original icons buttons and animations, personal photos, original video, all of the written content, and an original design that will easily remain modern for years to come. We are happy with the outcome, we hope that you are too!

You can view more by visiting their website.

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