Promoto Media is a Vancouver based media management company that was created to support businesses in Canada with promoting their products, services or brands across digital media channels and other traditional means. We leverage creative design and unique imagery to produce clean and modern promotional materials such as websites, social media, print and advertising with the use of graphics, photos and video. We really want to hear from you so we can provide you and your company with our professional and promotional services.

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We are results driven and care very much about the level of service that we provide to our customers. We believe passionately in developing strong relationships with our clientele that, when coupled with a strong foundation of great service and a program of continuous improvement, results in a valuable return to all of our customers. Contact Promoto Media today to see the real difference of promoting your interests sky high!


Our promotional services include account management, media management and website management that takes a three pronged approach in promoting you, your brand and your company. We are able to simplify our offer to one aspect of our services for steady long-term growth or a combination of our services that will take you on a wild ride in pushing your company farther into the open markets. Which aspects of our service interest you?

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Switchboard uses Promoto Media video

Switchboard Inc, hired Promoto Media during the month of May of 2017 to acquire, edit and produce a video dedicated for use on their homepage as a background banner video. This was filmed in conjunction with a project with one of their customers, Centurion Trucking.

Cloud9 Solutions website is live!

Back in September of 2017, Promoto Media was contracted by Cloud9 Solutions to develop and host a new website for them based on the WordPress website platform. From our services offered it would require designing, photography, videography, development, hosting and maintenance.